Pastor's Welcome

Welcome to Heritage!  Thanks for checking out our website!  Allison and I are entering our 18th year in ministry here.  It has been quite a ride since the LORD sent us in 2001.  We have a vision of “becoming the church of God’s dreams” (Acts 2:42).  We are pursuing that with a passion – knowing it is not a destination but a journey full of adventure!

We are kicking off a new school year!  2018-2019 is going to be the best ever!  In addition to Wednesday evening Timothy Team studying the Gospel of Luke, we will offer an adult course on Emotionally Healthy Discipleship!   Pastor LaToya Shepherd and I will be leading this and Pastor Max Goins will lead the adult study on The Gospel of Luke!   In conjunction with the Emotionally Health Discipleship course, we are doing a Sunday morning series I am calling “VIBRANT – a Holy, Healthy, Happy Life!”  The LORD is giving me some great material!  Don’t miss a Sunday!

Our next College of Prayer module will be September 29th.  Rev. Donn Thomas from Atlanta will be our guest teacher.  He is one of the fathers of contemporary Black Gospel music.  The House of Restoration in Fort Smith will host the Saturday module.  Rev. Thomas will be at Heritage on Sunday morning.   This will be another powerful time of joining churches and fellow believers across the region in learning to minister to the presence of the LORD and to further grow in our prayer life with Jesus.  Register NOW!  We are providing children’s ministry this session. 

The LORD is highlighting two areas at this moment at Heritage: 1) Transforming our culture to be one of disciple-makers who make disciple-makers for the transformation of the world!  And 2) Becoming a House of Prayer for all Nations.   We believe these are key to engaging our region and blessing it spiritually, socially, and economically. 

Come join us on this exciting adventure.  Please introduce yourself to Allison and me when you!  I look forward to meeting you in person!