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Posted on Aug 15, 2017 by Becki Kneeland, Welcome Minister


Do you ever wonder about your heavenly body?  What we will look like?  How we will recognize each other?  I will confess to you that there are days that I would be thrilled to shed this earthly body with all of its imperfections.  As a young person, I remember being told that when a person dies, their hair and nails continue to grow for a period (I know that is only a myth but at 13 years old, I believed it).  It was a cause of fear for me.  As a dark haired teenager, (Blonde’s will not understand this) I began to grow facial hair that required a lot of plucking and waxing. I was convinced that when I died by the time I got to heaven, I would have a full beard.  You can laugh but the fear was real.

For some reason here lately, I have been thinking about our heavenly bodies, and what we will look like, but more importantly, how we will be recognized.  I have researched it a little to see how scholars interpret the Bible and I like what they have to say but here is my take.   I believe that when we get to heaven we will be known by our nurtured soul.  I think that the part of us that pleases our Father, the part that the Holy Spirit has spoken to and created a passion within, will be what stands out.  For instance, I think of my deep prayer friends, Malinda, Ruth, Jennifer, Sue, and Kara (to name a few) will be known for how they intercede for others.  I can picture them in heaven interceding for those who are lost here on earth.  I think their passion for prayer will be enhanced and magnified to the point that when I walk through the streets of heaven I will smile and say “See that group of people over there, I know those awesome women! They are shaking heaven to bring just one lost soul to Jesus”

So what does that mean for you and me?  I think it means that we should do all we can here on earth to prepare ourselves for our heavenly bodies.  We need to be seeking God on a daily basis and asking Him to ignite a passion within us.  We need to stop pushing ministry thoughts to the back of our mind when it is evident He has called us and equipped us to do it.  We need to quit making excuses, like “I’m not spiritually ready”, “I’m not smart enough”, or “I don’t have enough time”.  We need to have a “YES” in our spirit and find what it truly is that He has created us to do.  It may not be as complicated as you have it made out in your mind to be.  It will probably be something that comes very natural to you.

For me, when I get to heaven, I hope I am recognized for my love for His people.  I pray and seek each day that God will make me more loving, in my home, at my job, in my church, and in my community.  I want to radiate a passionate love here on earth that can carry on into my heavenly being.  When you walk by me in heaven, I want you to be able say to yourself “That must be Becki Kneeland, because I can feel the love she has for me radiating and penetrating my heart without her ever having to speak a word.” 

How blessed I am to be called to love.

Becki Kneeland

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