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Posted on Jun 13, 2017 by Brad Sneed, Middle School Pastor


I like to give gifts more than receiving them. I know that a lot of people say that in a “tongue in cheek humble” kind of way, but I mean it.  I may not always pick the right gift, but I like the giving part.  I think that the problem that I have with receiving gifts is that I am not sure how to accept them. Is just saying “Thank you” enough? Do you have to even like the gift? Hold it up for everyone to see? I need to learn to accept gifts better.  I am not saying that I get a lot of gifts or even need a lot of gifts. But I need to learn to accept gifts better, especially from God, especially the gift of rest.  You see, I am a doer. I have always been a doer. Being a doer can sometimes lead to being a faker when it comes to God’s gift of rest. I think that one of the few times that I got in trouble in kindergarten was because I would not take a nap.  I got in trouble for talking to my kindermat neighbor and being wiggly.  I don’t remember my teacher calling me wiggly but it seems right.  In order to stay out of trouble I faked rest.  You know what I mean, close your eyes and lay very still, but not really rest.  Your mind is always working on the next thing, getting your to do list organized, solving the next problem, thinking about what you are not getting done because you are “resting”. Adrienne Scrima in a Relevant Magazine article ( reminded me that being a good steward of God’s gift of time means doing something that seems very counter-productive with our time… rest. She lists six things that she has discovered in regards to rest/Sabbath.

        1.  God commands it
        2.  Rest Transforms work
        3.  Rest Transforms Leisure
        4.  Rest Prevents Burnout
        5.  Sabbath Requires trust in God
        6.  God Knows us better than we know ourselves

#5 Sabbath Requires Trust In God really jumped out at me.  Ms. Scrima writes “Just as we tithe our money, God requires that we tithe our time. As mentioned earlier, our time is actually a gift from Him. He asks for one day of the week. It may seem like too much, but that’s where the trust in God plays in. We have to trust Him that work that has to get done will get done. A Sabbath discipline means that we have prioritized our wellbeing and time with God over our work.” (Emphasis mine) I have to trust… Him that work that has to get done will get done.  This is not a justification for procrastination or laziness, but the discipline of trusting the One who made and knows me.  It’s still hard to accept the gift of rest/Sabbath so I will trust and obey in the One who loves me and wants the best for me.  Take a moment and sing the 5th verse of “Trust and Obey” by John H. Sammis, then go take a nap.

        Then in fellowship sweet we will sit at His feet,
        Or we’ll walk by His side in the way;
        What He says we will do, where He sends we will go;
        Never fear, only trust and obey.

        Trust and obey, for there’s no other way
        To be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.

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