To Love & To Lead: Staff Discussions


Posted on May 24, 2017 by Becki Kneeland, Welcome Minister


One of my favorite movies from the past is “We Are Marshall”. It is the classic football comeback story of Marshall College, a place that suffered a great loss in 1970 as 37 members of their football team died in a tragic plane crash.  The whole movie centers on the motivation of how the community and college came together to overcome what seemed to be the saddest and most challenging time in their history.  I was moved to tears when the students of the school staged a pep rally and simply cried out “WE ARE…. MARSHALL” repeatedly until their spirits rose and they believed in something greater than themselves.
I often think about “We Are Marshall” when I personally move through a tough season in my life. I think about seasons I have been through with this church and how each time our congregation has held tight to one another until we have seen God break through and push us forward.  I feel we are in one of those seasons now as we are searching for someone to come in and replace our beloved Chuck.  Our worship here at Heritage is amazing, and under Chuck’s leadership, we have been brought to a level that many of us did not know or realize was possible.  With that being said, I know that Chuck would tell you that it has very little to do with him and everything to do with how we have accepted and participated in the worship that God has equipped him to set before us.  We sing an amazing new song.  It reminds me of the cry of the student body from the movie when they were trying to rally themselves.  The song we sing is titled, “This Is How We Worship”.  The Arrows International Dance Team introduced it to us on Resurrection Sunday.  The Lyrics read This is how we worship, This is how we give praise, This is how we honor, The One who is above all names…….(Then the music builds and we come to the refrain, a musical word Chuck taught me  ) Arms lifted high, On our knees yeah!, This is How We Worship, Hearts Surrendered to, The One We love, Jesus We Will Worship You!  Oh, people of Heritage, does that not give you chills!!!! That song is about US!!!!!  It does not matter who stands on our stage or who leads us.  It matters that we continue and WORSHIP like He created us to. 
I love, love, love  Chuck and Louann King and I respect their leadership.  I will miss them greatly and shed many tears as we say good-bye. However, I know that God does not leave us because He is using Chuck somewhere else.  God is good, and through us, WE WILL WORSHIP!

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