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From One of Your Lay Leader's Heart...Heritage-Past and Future

Posted on Mar 14, 2017 by Mike McSpadden, Heritage Lay Leader for 8:05 Service


Heritage Church was formed in 1985, as a union between First Methodist Church and St. John’s Methodist Church. The roots of Methodism in Van Buren date back to 1840 and Methodism in the United States can actually be traced back to John and Charles Wesley visiting the Georgia Colony in 1736. Both locally and nationally, there have been many dedicated Christians who have labored to lay foundations upon which we are now standing.
They evangelized, discipled, and taught. They traveled long distances in harsh and dangerous conditions. They built buildings, they sacrificed their finances, and they ministered to the poor, sick and hungry. They fasted and prayed and trusted God to bring in a harvest of souls. We are their HERITAGE! We are the result of their faith, and we are the answer to their prayers. We have what we have because they did what they did. We should always be grateful that we sit under the shade of trees they planted.
So what is our Heritage? The word “heritage” can also mean “birthright,” “inheritance,” and “portion.”  Heritage does not only look backward but it looks forward also. There is something that we have been given that is ours and is waiting for us to take possession of it. We have been given this region, both geographically and spiritually. Our heritage is to see people get saved, healed, restored, and delivered from bondage. Our heritage is to see a revived church that is operating in power, love, truth and grace. The entire River Valley belongs to God and His people, and He is waiting for us to claim that which is ours. 
Our heritage is in front of us and the key is prayer. Psalm 2:8 says, “Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your inheritance.” We thank God for the Heritage that has come to us from the past and we ask God to give us our Heritage of the future.

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