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Hospital Chaplain Testimony

Posted on Jan 17, 2017 by Max Goins, Congregational Care Pastor


A major part of my job description is recruiting people for ministries and outreach programs in our community.  We feel that the Lord wants us deeply involved in the life of our community.  Your leadership team knows that being involved in ministry is costly in time and effort.  We know it is not easy to serve.  However, life is not a one way street.  When we spend ourselves in serving others, there is a return on that investment.  I have found that nothing excites me as seeing people blest by our efforts. 

I want to share with you something written by Ron McPhail, one of our volunteer hospital chaplains.  I want you to see and feel the satisfaction that comes from serving.

      By being a hospital chaplain at Sparks, I am afforded the opportunity to share the glories of God with believers and non-believers alike.  We help them stand by their relatives and friends at their moments of greatest need. Sometimes, we can lead a person to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ; other times a rededication of a fallen brother or sister.  Most often, prayer is the support we give the patients and their families. 

     Our job can be 24/7 at times but the spiritual rewards are worth it.  Remember, when you see me outside of the patients’ presence, we can not discuss them with you because of HIPAA laws. - Ron McPhail

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