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Posted on Dec 15, 2016 by Becki Kneeland, Welcome Minister


As a child my favorite Christmas activity was to look at Christmas lights.  My family would start our trek in Van Buren and at some point in the evening head to Fort Smith but on the way home the pinnacle point of the evening was crossing the Midland Bridge and seeing the wise men on their camels following the star.  I can still remember the excitement I felt as we topped the bridge and the blue lights that burned the outline of the scene.  Those “wise men” or “three kings” as we called them always seemed enormous in size.  As a child I could not comprehend how they just miraculously appeared every year.  It still warms my heart to see them today but the older I have gotten the smaller the kings have gotten.  The blue lights have lost a few bulbs here and there and their once dazzling appeal has been replaced by fantastic light displays that literally dance to music. 

In our Christian walk we sometimes treat our Father as out dated Christmas display.  Things that were once precious to us as a new believer are sometimes replaced with things that are shinier or newer.  Our God who should be increasing in size sometimes shrinks as we become complacent with who He is.   What do we do when this happens?  How do we get back to the glory of who He is?  The answer is simple.  We do what the Kings did.  We seek HIM!  We take our journey as far as we have to in order to find HIM!  We don’t give up because it is too far or too hard, and when we find Him we fall on our faces before him and offer the only gift He has ever wanted… our hearts. 

Enjoy your Christmas season this year, when you are out looking at lights or even glancing at the blue illuminated wise men, reflect on the one who came into this world as an innocent baby and left this world with our ugly sin.  Place him at the center of your heart and your celebration.

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