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Jesus is coming...Jesus is COMING

Posted on Aug 22, 2016 by


My wife and I recently had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Maine and Boston this summer. Oh, how our country is truly beautiful from coast to coast! One of the most fascinating things about our trip to Boston was the tremendous amout of history that is found there. Of course, one could not travel to Boston without hearing the familiar phrase that was "echoed" by Paul Revere during his famous ride on the eve of April 18, 1775: "The Brittish are coming! The Brittish are coming!" Having spent several days there we learned an amazing fact: Paul Revere was not the only one sending out this warning (and he really never said that famous line that we have been told about all these years). In fact, while there are 5 known people to have gone out that night, many teach throughout Boston that up to possibly 16 or more took on the task of traveling about and sharing this warning. This really got me thinking. It was not about one man. It took many. I believe in the church we can get caught thinking that someone else will do it. In reality it takes all of us. And it will take all of us to tell our world that Jesus is coming. Do we believe God at His Word? Do we hurt for the lost? Does it bother us that our neighbors will suffer the consequences of hell if they do not have a relationship with Jesus? Do we sense the urgency of the hour? Is our physical life more important than our soul? Is our comfort more important than other people's eternity? It's time to ride! It's time to shout it out! It's time to live it! Our country was founded on the backs of those who took a chance at freedom. The Kingdom of God can be built upon our faith and risk to share what is truly the most important concept in life: Jesus lived...Jesus died...Jesus rose...Jesus lives...and Jesus is coming! Are you ready? Are those around you ready? LET'S RIDE!

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