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Looking for Pokemon...Finding God?

Posted on Jul 18, 2016 by Brian Seewald


Pokemon Go, the newest game craze to hit the app market in the last week or so, has many people traveling to churches to find "Poke Stops" and Pokemon. But in their journey near and around these churches all over the world, will these searchers find something greater than a cartoon character? Perhaps, they just may encounter or even find God. While I am not an advocate or even a player of Pokemon Go, it amazes me to see all that are out there in the world playing this game. Could this be an amazing opportunity for the church to engage the world in a different way? Of course it is! But will we? Things like adding a welcome line to all Pokemon visitors on the church sign, offering free water bottles to those who visit, simply greeting people as they roam about your campus (instead of shooing them away), and the imaginative list goes on!

What about in life? People are searching after things in this world everyday. If we are to be the church wherever we go, will the people around us truly encounter or even find God when they encounter us? Does our countenance show a sign of welcome or disgust? Does a spring of living water flow out of us in the things we do and say?

In the same way, let your light shine before others...Matthew 5:16

Will you allow yourself to be a God Stop in this world?



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