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Aim Small--Miss Small

Posted on Apr 27, 2016 by Roger Goins


“He who aims at nothing usually hits it.”  That’s probably not an ancient Confucian proverb but it is nonetheless wise.  One of my favorite movie lines is from The Patriot.  Benjamin Martin prepares his son for a life-and-death battle by instructing him to “Aim small—miss small.”  It is wise advice for marksmanship and for life! 

So what are you aiming for today?  Do you have a goal for your spiritual growth and development?  If not, don’t expect to reach a goal you haven’t set.  If you have a goal or goals, are they something big and vague like to grow closer to God.  Or, it something specific and measureable like “I will show the love of Christ to one person I do not know daily”?  If it is the latter, I guarantee that you will grow closer to God because you will be looking for someone to love even if you occasionally miss.  Aim small—miss small!

At Heritage, we also have a vision that we believe is from the Lord.  Vision is a picture of where we are headed.  Our vision is “Becoming the church of God’s dreams.”  Picture a church  that has teaching that's life changing, fellowship that goes well below the surface, love that's self-sacrificial (like Christ’s),  sharing and serving that's extravagant,  faith that prays for and expects miracles, worship that's joyful and engaging, and team that searches for and rescues the lost!  That’s what we want people to visualize when they think about Heritage!

We have a mission—a reason that we exist.  The mission of Heritage Church is to “Love God and people passionately and to lead people to a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ.”  We believe that when Jesus gave the great commission (Matthew 28:16-20) He meant it.  The Church isn’t a place to go on Sundays so we can feel better about ourselves.  The Church is disciples making disciples.  The Church exist to change the world!

How do we aim small?  We provide the means for each person to grow individually.  We WELCOME people to the body of Christ and connect them.  We help them grow in the WALK.  We help them determine how they are shaped for ministry and provide WORK opportunities.  We sent them to WITNESS the love of Jesus Christ to the world.  And we WORSHIP the LORD always!

So where are you in your personal growth plan and what is your next step?  Want to feel more connected?  Join a Life Group.  Ready to do ministry?  Sign up for a SHAPE seminar.  Set a goal and aim small.  You’ll grow and so will WE!


See you Sunday!


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