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Posted on Apr 13, 2016 by Pastor Wes


From Your Pastor’s Heart … Connecting – with God and Others!

One of the greatest desires of my heart for the Heritage family and those the LORD leads to us is that we CONNECT – that we connect with and truly encounter the living God! – and that we connect with one another in fellowship that goes well below the surface!  This requires constant effort and attention.  As we studied in John 4 in our Men’s Bible Study, Jesus said we must worship God in “spirit and in truth!”   In order to connect with the LORD, we cannot be passive!  We are required to move beyond memorized prayers and creeds, reading responsive readings, and singing the words of hymns and spiritual songs.  We must actively engage our whole being in expressing our love for God, our gratitude to Jesus for what He has done for us, our dependence upon the Holy Spirit, and our praise for who God is!

Just as we must be active in order to connect with the LORD in worship, so we must not be passive in order to connect with one another.   This too requires constant attention.   Every Sunday and Wednesday that we gather together, people are hurting, lonely, praying that someone will notice them and reach out to them.  Are you coming to church with your eyes open to see where the Father is at work and to join Him in ministering to those around you?   I know of people who have come to Heritage (some for years), whether adults, youth, or kids who have felt unconnected and that we did not reach out to them …

This is the sort of thing that breaks my heart.  We have come a long way as a congregation.  Praise the LORD!  But we still have a ways to go in “becoming the church of God’s dreams!”   The Church of God’s Dreams has “fellowship that goes well below the surface!”  That requires you and me not only to go out of our way to greet people (Hi, my name is Wes, what is yours?  How long have you been coming here?), but also to take the time to care enough to find out what is going on with each person and discover his/her needs – to offer to pray for them on the spot, and to invite them in to our lives, small group, or to help them get connected with another group/ministry in the congregation …  That’s what The Church of God’s Dreams does.   That is what we are doing from here on out – For His glory!   LORD make of us that CHURCH!  If you have been here for more than a few Sundays, we claim you!   Now, YOU be the person to reach out and welcome and minister to others!  You will get connected!

So blessed to get to be your lead pastor!


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