To Love & To Lead: Staff Discussions


Posted on Sep 9, 2015 by Brian Seewald


It has been quite humorous, over the past month, how many times I have had the "turning left at Sonic confessional moment." Many are saying how they turned right that day or week and there are still others who say they turned left. You know what is great? We are thinking. talking and engaging. But more importantly, I hope it helps us to ponder on something greater: MORE RIGHTS THAN LEFTS! It isn't about rule following, it is about God reigning. God wants to draw us closer. He will, if we let Him. It starts with surrender and His grace and continues in obedience and His mercy.
I was pulling left into Sonic just yesterday (gonna get real) and found myself upset at someone cutting in front of me and making a left. SELF-CHECK! I literally had to repent of my critical attitude! Others don't know or choose to not know. My job is to love and live it out! There is no criticism from me for those who turn left. But the greater issue for me is obedience to a God who fought hard and even died for my heart! So, what shall I give Him! Definitely, more rights than lefts.
Lord, give us strength and conviction for more rights than lefts. It's about drawing nearer to Your presence. Give us that desire and heart today!

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