To Love & To Lead: Staff Discussions


Posted on Apr 3, 2020 by Jake Simmons, Youth Minister


Last year when we returned from our Spring Break trip and I began working on 2020 Spring Break trip it never crossed my mind that we would have to cancel this year's trip. It was very unexpected, but God has a purpose and reason for everything. I may not know why all of this is happening and that is okay. However, God has revealed some things to me personally during this time, and I believe others are understanding this as well. This is a time to reset, to refocus on God and to stop focusing on everything else in this world. Spring Break trips, school, work, sports, band, extra activities, and even relationships. Almost everything that we fill our lives with has been canceled or shut down. I believe God is trying to tell us He has allowed us all to have all these things, but we have taken them and put them on the throne. Our idols have replaced God almost completely. He’s saying it is time for a fresh start - a reset for our lives - to get back to what our whole purpose for being on this earth is! To bring Honor and Glory to Him in everything we do. It is a time to take us back to our first love… Jesus Christ. It is time to reset and refocus on what is truly important in this life. Will you allow God to reset and refocus your life during this time of COVID-19?

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