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Posted on Sep 11, 2019 by LaToya Shepherd


This week I have had the opportunity to seriously think about the calling of God upon my life and my current assignment on the battlefield, (Christian Journey)...and of course a song surfaced in my mind! 

I am on the battlefield for my Lord. 

I’m on the battlefield for my Lord,

And I promised Him that I would serve Him ‘til I die; 

I’m on the battlefield for my Lord.

LYRICS:  I AM ON THE BATTLEFIELD FOR MY LORD (written by Sylvana Bell and E. V. Banks; arranged by Thomas A. Dorsey)

 Once again, death visited my circle of friends and caused many in the circle to not just reflect on the life of the deceased, but our lives…...Two weeks before she dies, my friend held my hand and reminded me of the great responsibility and blessing that comes with being called to the ministry of cross-racial and cross-cultural pastoring.  At a time when I should have been ministering to her, she prayed and gave me words of wisdom, instruction, affirmation and yes, MARCHING ORDERS!  In short what she said was that this work of multiethnic ministry is of the Lord. There are not many who can handle it; not many who are trusted with it; and that God would continue to equip, empower, and anoint me to complete my assignment.  She was on the battlefield working spiritually, even in sickness.  I took this moment and tucked it away in my heart, knowing that God had just allowed me to be filled from a vessel who had lived the life she so passionately spoke to me about.

Good news!  Whatever God has called and commissioned you to do…..YOU CAN DO IT!  Good news!  Perfection is not required!  Good news!  If God has called you to anything, He will provide direction and protection.  In Christ, you have the strength, the power, the anointing and the favor you need to be a mighty soldier for God’s Kingdom until you breathe your last breath!  March on!

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