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Posted on Aug 15, 2019 by Caleb Lester


Letter to my son,

Since last year I have had a stroke and a bypass surgery for obstructions in my heart.  In this series of painful experiences, I have never been depressed about these illnesses, but I am thankful I can rely on the Lord and he gives me strength.  I have also had the opportunity to evangelize to the sick to the witness of the glory of the Lord!  Enjoy the joy of being blessed by illness!... 

I recently came upon a letter that my father in law sent to his son, a short excerpt from the letter is written above.  This is a group text that my wife’s side of the family communicates with, and since it is in Chinese characters I rarely look at it.  However, I took some time one day, to copy and paste one of the texts to Google translate (I have to corrected the grammar as it does not necessarily translate word for word).  What I found were words that made me cry, yearn for a deeper faith and rejoice all at the same time.  In crying, yearning and rejoicing I also was overcome with an overwhelming sense of gratitude as I began thinking about the faith of those that have influenced my life personally or from example.  My grandmother, whom I watched tell all her nurses about the Lord even though she barely could keep her oxygen numbers up for herself while she was in the hospital.  Persons like Bill Kelton, whose devotion to Christ leaves a legacy that will be a blessing for many generations.  My parents who instilled in me a Biblical moral code. My uncle, Namen, who regularly pours Godly wisdom and insight into me and many, many more.  These are the shoulders on which I stand.  Those who have faced adversity and pressed into the Lord, rather than throwing up their hands in frustration, those who have spent the long nights praying for their family, those who have fought the fight of faith and persevered to the very end!  

Thank you Lord for placing in our lives those who spur us on to a deeper faith and point us toward Christ.  That through Christ, not only do we grow in wisdom and knowledge, You also keep us strong to the end so that we will be free from all blame on the day when Christ returns.  I know that You will do this because You are faithful!  Father keep Your children firmly planted in Your word that as we go from glory to glory You will, indeed, receive all glory.  In Jesus Name Amen

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