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Posted on Jun 12, 2019 by Pam James


Kids say the cutest things! They are usually speaking from such an innocent, honest place. I am in the Rubies Monday morning women’s Bible study. We are going through “Believing Jesus” by Lisa Harper. A wonderful study I would recommend to anyone. It’s especially timely since it is a “journey through the Book of Acts” and this fall Timothy Team will be over Acts as well. (Don’t forget to sign your kids up for TT/tt!) Lisa Harper usually opens with a relevant story from her experiences. On one particular lesson, she told a story about a conversation between a mother and her child. The child had asked her mother what shape the Holy Spirit is. The mother wasn’t sure what the child was thinking and so wasn’t sure how to answer. As parents sometimes do the mother turned the question to the child asking, “What shape do you think the Holy Spirit is?” The child thought a moment and then answered, “I think the Holy Spirit is a triangle because sometimes He pokes me”. How simple but how insightful! My Heavenly Father knew I would need help on my journey. He knew I would need to know when it was the Holy Spirit working in me and why not a triangle to poke me. At times I wonder if I am really hearing correctly or is it me coming up with something. There are times when He wants me to step out and speak or go to someone that I wouldn’t normally do on my own.  I’m glad God knew that I would need to know without a doubt that it isn’t me. As my relationship grows I am more certain of the move of the Holy Spirit in me. How wonderful that I am never alone! Once I accepted Jesus and asked the Holy Spirit to live in me I knew that I could rely on Him. You have the same available to you. God loves each and every one of us unconditionally and is with us in every way to help us because of His love for us. There are many prayer opportunities here at Heritage each week during which there are people available to pray with you and help guide you through this step in your journey. There is a disciple-making plan in place to help you throughout the next steps of your journey. The heart of your staff is to help you in any and every way. You are never alone, God is with you, but it’s comforting to know that there are people that would gladly join you to help with anything. There is peace in knowing He has sent a Helper who will “poke” you when needed. Have you been “poked” by the Holy Spirit lately?

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