To Love & To Lead: Staff Discussions


Posted on May 14, 2019 by Bobby Boyakin


The Reward Of Worship (The Joy of Fellowship With A Personal God) is a great book by author, Jack Hayford.  The first chapter caught my attention immediately when I read that “the Holy Spirit is summoning believers everywhere; the whole world is being touched with a sense of the Spirit’s moving us to bow, to pray, to lift our voices, to exalt the Name of Jesus – to worship the Living God.”  There has never been a time that it has not been appropriate and important to worship God. 

Because worship is pivotal to His being welcomed into earthly settings and situations, His Spirit is moving His people to roll out the red carpet – the King is coming to visit!  Isn’t that an exciting thought! Just think that when we worship, whatever form that takes, we’re inviting the King of Kings to invade our circumstances, to move in power, to demonstrate His grace, to reveal His sovereign might, to extend His Kingdom mercies and transform us, our church, our community and every region of the earth.  I witnessed this transformation last October in Cuba.  The people in Cuba, while still under a dictatorship, have ushered in the presence of God through their worship.  They are the most worshipping people I’ve ever seen!

Let’s lay aside all our inhibitions and worship the King like no one is watching.  I’m positive when we do this we’re going to see a transformation in our lives, churches, communities, and our region of the earth.

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