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Posted on Feb 27, 2019 by Caleb Lester


Worship - giving or attributing worth or value, show reverence and adoration 

Relationship - the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.


Worship has less to do with "doing" as much as it has to do with relating and enjoying.  Glorifying God has less to do with a place or activity as much as it has to do with relating to and enjoying Him.  The theme of cultivating a relationship with Christ and allowing Him to cultivate a relationship with me has been the theme of 2019 so far.  Confession time, I often get "doing things for Christ" confused with "spending time and building relationship with Christ", and I have a feeling that I am not alone in this confession.  Yes, doing is an aspect of our relationship with Christ, however, too often (at least in my life), it becomes the main thing.  This was the primary message the Lord spoke to me personally about at the College of Prayer (Ignite) conference, the theme of the weekend "Linger" conference and then hit home by Pastor Brian on Sunday Feb. 24.  A personal, deep relationship, investing time in the presence of Christ, being allowed to approach the creator of the universe as a Son, wow!  Even as I am writing this it jumps out at me how crazy it is that I have to be reminded to cultivate this relationship.  I mean, if I were approached by some of my favorite musical artists and they wanted me to spend time with them, I would practically trip over myself to make it happen (you can insert your own person here).  Yet I am invited by the King of the Universe, Creator of All, Savior of the World and yet often times I treat this relationship as one that is commonplace.  I am sitting here laughing at myself cause I am so simple and backwards!  This is not where it ends though, He is still calling me to relationship with Him!  In fact He promises that a humble and contrite heart He won't turn away.  His mercies for me are new every morning!  To make things even better He even provides the resources and the faith to be in relationship with Him!  There are some who have grasped this truth much better than myself and have words much more eloquent than I have, this is just a glimpse into my personal journey of growing more and more in love with my Savior every day!  I hope by sharing some of my journey and personal growth that it will glorify Christ who is molding me and shaping me into His own image, and maybe even encourage someone else in their walk with Christ.  In my weakness He is strong!  

Lord revive me, to more and more fall in love with You, exploring the depths of Your wonder and standing in awe of Your majesty, bring those things in me that have fallen asleep to life again!

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