To Love & To Lead: Staff Discussions


Posted on Feb 6, 2019 by Max Goins, Congregational Care Pastor


1. How would you like to help comfort people in their time of need?

2. How would you like to be there for a person and let them know you care? 

3. How would you like to know you were leading people to a place of peace? 

4. How would you like to make yourself available to people who need to talk and learn to minister as you do so?

5. How would you like to hear people say a very heart-felt thank-you for what you have done for them?                                                                                     

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we have a great open door for you. 

Heritage has had a very good relationship with what has become the Baptist Hospital for several years.  Presently, there are five men from Heritage who serve as chaplains at the hospital.  Those five men are, Ron McPhail, Bob Bretch, Paul Ray, Earle Craft, and Mark Turner.  All five of our men are very excited about their ministry as chaplains.  They all speak glowingly about the joy and satisfaction that being a chaplain brings into their lives.  They would be very glad to share their experiences with you.

Shirley Harrod, Director of Pastoral Services at Baptist Hospital contacted me this week with a wonderful opportunity.  She has requested that Heritage provide several more chaplains.  I want to stress the word, several.  They have several chaplain slots open as of right now.  You can serve either at the Fort Smith Hospital, or here in Van Buren.  We have men serving both places.  Minimally a chaplain is on duty four hours a week during business hours.  Most of our Heritage men love it so much they serve much more than that.  

I felt it was an honor for the hospital to make such a request of Heritage.  It is a testimony to the great job our present chaplains are doing.  I also feel that this is not just an opportunity for men.  I think we need some women chaplains.  If you are excited about this opportunity, please call me, or the church office.  We have all the necessary documents to help you get started.  The hospital also offers training to prepare you for this ministry.   

What better way can we serve our Lord than serving His people when they are in need?

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