To Love & To Lead: Staff Discussions


Posted on Dec 4, 2018 by Roger Goins


Was Shakespeare correct? Would a rose smell as sweet if you called it a rock or a stick?  Where did you get your name?  Maybe your name reveals expectations that your parents had for your future.  I was named after my father, Max, and my grandfather, Roger.  My actions, my thought processes, even my passions are very much a blending of my father and my grandfather.  Many cultures believe that a person’s name determines their future.  I read a social media post this week from a guy who was convinced that he had caused his dog to become a holy terror; he had named the puppy Melee

Sometimes names change.  Saul became Paul; his heart and his actions changed.  Abram became Abraham and was transformed from an idol maker to the father of many nations.  Maybe my friend should change the dog’s name to Loving Companion.  There really is something about a name!

The angel instructed Mary to name her child Jesus.  At a different time and place, Joseph received the same instruction.  Apparently the name “Jesus” is important to the Lord.  Join us Sunday and discover The Wonder of a Name!  There really is something about THAT name!

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