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Posted on Dec 4, 2018 by Becki Kneeland, Welcome Minister


What do you want for Christmas?  You hear that question at least a thousand times during the holiday season and the answers that follow vary.  Some people say “nothing at all” others are more specific.  In my household growing up, I can remember that when I would ask my dad what he wanted for Christmas the answer was always the same.  He would always pause, look at me, and say “Peace and tranquility”.  I remember thinking, “What kind of answer is that?”

Well as I have grown older and my kids are grown, I find myself reflecting on my dad’s request.  I wonder if he was not on to something.  I think of the birth of Christ and for some reason in my mind, and this may not be in the Bible, but I think that when Jesus was born in that moment there was absolute peace and tranquility.  It may have only lasted for seconds but in the stillness of that night the world was right.  There has not been a time since that has been so perfect. 

So as we prepare for the Christmas season, let us search within our hearts for that peace.  It may not be available in our world, or in our families but the Holy Spirit can make it available in our hearts.  All you have to do is ask, just like my dad.  My parents are both in heaven now and it pleases me to know that my dad’s Christmas request has finally been met for eternity.

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