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Posted on Sep 6, 2018 by Becki Kneeland, Welcome Minister


In the heat of summer there is nothing more wonderful to me than ice cream.  Honestly, I could eat it for every meal.  So I got to thinking, what it would be like to walk into Braums and to have all those flavors of ice cream offered to me for free.  I could have banana splits, brownie fudge Sundaes, frozen yogurt, triple scoops, anything they had on their menu.  The only exception would be that I would have to find a way to serve myself.  The people of Braums were friendly enough to invite me in and give me this opportunity but they were really busy doing their job and didn’t have the time to answer my questions or stop and help me.  Do you think I would stick around long?  I might if I really had a passion for ice cream, but what if I just sort of liked it?  Or what if this was my first experience at trying ice cream so I really didn’t know if I liked it at all.  I think I would stand and look at the flavors and try to figure it out but sooner or later I would become unsatisfied, unfulfilled, and I would go searching for a new place that could help fulfill by needs. 

The point of my illustration is not to make us hungry but to make us more mindful.  I often see Heritage like I see that ice cream store, as that wonderful church that has a variety of places to get connected.  We have about 20 different ministry and outreach opportunities.  We have 25+ small groups.  We have youth ministries, children ministries, prayer groups, one-on-one discipleship, the list goes on and on and it is amazing.  We offer these things to anyone who walks through our doors but often we become so busy that we forget to invite or make connections for people so that they know how to get started. 

Welcome Ministries would like to broaden our vision. We want to offer fellowship that goes well below the surface.  A new way to get connected.  It is called Life2Life.  On Thursday, September the 20th at 6 pm, in the Fellowship Hall, there will be a Life2Life kickoff that is open to anyone in the church who desires to get connected to the ministry opportunities available.  We will have fun, it will be informational, and we will have some delicious desserts.  If you want more information contact me at  WE CAN’T WAIT TO DO LIFE WITH YOU!

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