To Love & To Lead: Staff Discussions


Posted on Jul 3, 2018 by Shea Marsh


I have for a while now been trying to wrap a bow around my time at Heritage. Let me set the record straight on one thing: I have been taught and received so many more blessings than I could have ever anticipated, and of course way more than I have ever thought about contributing. If God has used me, then just know it is because of His mighty power. 

What God has taught me in my time here is actually very easy to articulate, but very difficult to do. I find that most things about God are that way. The thing God has told me over and over is that no matter what the problem, the gospel is the solution.

One of the most important jobs that someone can have is a doctor. I know that my kids have had many interactions with doctors and we are so thankful for their expertise and how they treat me and my kids. Their toughest job is figuring out what the problem is with us. The treatment is usually pretty easy aside from an allergy. They find out what is wrong, and the medicine makes us better.

If you are like me you try alternative solutions to earthly problems. Many times our health can be shown by what we think the problem is. The great thing about being a believer is that no matter what the problem is, the only solution is to preach the gospel! If you feel unworthy, remind yourself that Jesus paid for all of your sins on the cross. If you feel overconfident, remind yourself that Paul, the wisest and most connected of all Pharisees knew nothing but Christ and him crucified. The gospel is not specifically for any one group of people. The gospel is intended for those who have not heard or who have not believed. The gospel is intended for the couple who has been in church since the 60’s who need reminding that their “righteousness is as filthy rags.” It is for the young couple who can’t conceive who need to be reminded that God loves them in their valleys and is with them and while they wait for their baby to come, there are babies already born who need to hear the gospel that starts with “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” 

The gospel is the central purpose of the church, and the central purpose of our lives. If nothing else gets done, let’s get this done right. No matter the sickness, the gospel is the cure. God has taught me and continues to affirm this in me and I hope that you and me both can remember this as the legacy of my wonderful and amazing time as the Children’ Minister at Heritage. I’m so thankful to be passing the baton off to an amazing believer in the Gospel, Madison Simmons, and join me in praying for her that she would reach new heights in proclaiming this gospel to the children and Children’s Ministry volunteers at Heritage!

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