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Posted on Jun 12, 2018 by Pam and Jennifer James


It is my privilege to submit the blog again. The funny part of this is, according to Steve, is that my (and Kip’s) daughter Jennifer has been around for three of the four blog times. I love that she doesn’t shy away from writing it for me. It’s actually wonderful for me because I get this straight from her heart. Does a Momma good! 

This submission is on the heart of many around churches during the summer. You look around the sanctuary and you don’t see the faces that you usually see each Sunday. Summer does take some away for one reason or another. So this is a good reminder, as you are away from your home church, let God shine through you. Share His love with all you may encounter on your travels. We’ll see you when you return home! 

When You Go On Vacation You Need To Take God With You

Summer is such an awesome time to take some time and relax with your family and fellowship together. This summer you may be outside of your normal everyday life schedule. I just encourage you to let God shine through you wherever you go; whether it’s normal or somewhere different than where you normally go. Don’t forget where your identity comes from. You are a child of the ONE TRUE GOD! No one you come across this summer can take that away from you. You are special, you are set apart, and you were not meant to be normal. When you encounter people who aren’t believers or are unsure about their faith don’t be afraid to take every opportunity to share who God is to you. How God is involved in our life is so awesome to think about. He lives inside of us and gives us the opportunity each and every day to show others how amazing our Father is. And, He chooses to do that through us when He could do it by Himself, but He chooses us. God chooses to use us every day, so every day we should choose to share Him and show or tell others about Him whenever we have the opportunity. That includes every action we choose. Even though we might be away from our church for a short time that doesn’t mean we aren’t still the church. Choose to be with God when you’re on vacation and choose to tell others about our awesome God!


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