To Love & To Lead: Staff Discussions


Posted on May 16, 2018 by Bobby Boyakin, Business Administrator


Think about your faith for a minute.  Which of the following symbols would you pick to describe your faith; Hood Ornament, Trailer Hitch or Spark?

There are times we use our faith as a good luck charm or our spiritual status symbol.  It doesn’t really have a useful function, it’s just there for everyone to see and to remind us that everything will be ok.  In other words, it’s like a hood ornament.

At other times we use our faith as a tool that makes sure our load gets carried and our problems get solved.  It serves a useful purpose, but it’s basically there to haul the stuff we’re not sure how to handle.  This is our trailer hitch faith.

The convenient thing about hood ornaments and trailer hitches is that when circumstances change, we can change them without having to change anything internally.  If we use our faith like a hood ornament or trailer hitch it’s nothing more than an accessory.

Jesus came to call us to a relationship with God, and He taught us that the most important thing for us to do is “love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength”.

God doesn’t want us to settle for our faith being an accessory.  He intended it to be the spark that fires the engine and powers the whole car!  Our faith can move mountains!  Jesus said in Matthew 21:21 that if we have faith and don’t doubt, that we can say to the mountain go throw yourself into the sea!  That’s Hemi-Powered (for you Mopar fans), super-charged faith!

I encourage you to seek God like never before and allow Him to ignite within you a faith that moves mountains.  As you do, you’ll find that your faith isn’t an ornament or a hitch, but a spark that sets your heart on fire with God!

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