To Love & To Lead: Staff Discussions


Posted on May 2, 2018 by Max and Leanna Garrett


I know we have been talking a lot lately about discipleship around Heritage and for good reasons.  Discipleship is the only way the Body of Christ will become a viable living organism on this planet.  

We as Christians make up the body of Christ, as if you didn’t already know, therefore it is important that we not only be the best Christians we can be but we also cannot afford to become an army of 1, my apology to the US Army.   Alone we are easily distracted, tempted, caught off guard and eliminated from our mission, remember Matthew 28?  We need others around us to help us when we struggle or stumble — to pick us back up and set our feet toward God once again.  The world needs this as well and they are looking for someone who will be honest with them in a loving manner not judgmental nor condemning. 

Discipleship is literally just you being you, not what someone else is, just what God designed you to be.  Oh, by the way, God has already designed you for what He desires you to be.  Living your life openly as a Christian in a world that longs for someone to just love them where they are not as they should be (that will come later as God moves upon them).  Jesus walked the earth loving everyone He came in contact with, even the Roman Soldiers that cruelly beat, whipped, mocked and ultimately nailed His body to the cross.  Even in His last acts of love on this earth He showed mercy to a condemned man that deserved exactly what he was getting.  

So, if we truly want to be like Christ (the definition of Christian) then shouldn’t we also long to love as Christ did?  To be honest, I struggle myself at times with certain people I like to refer to as my “thorns in my flesh”.  Loving like Christ is not easy in ourselves but through the power of Christ we can and will overcome the world.  Don’t allow the world to keep you in fear of sharing the love Jesus has given you.  As we share the love God has given us we tear down the walls we have allowed the world to build in our lives to prevent us from becoming exactly what God designed us to become.

Think about this; if I share what He has given me, then He can give me even more fresh anointing of what I truly long for.  If I hold what He has given me I am a full vessel and He cannot give me a new, fresh delivery of the LOVE that made me His follower to begin with.  You received it freely now give it away freely so others can receive and so that you can be given a new dose of God’s Love.  God calls all of us to do it, so as the commercial would say “just do it”.  


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